First Brewed: 2009
  Style: Unfiltered, Imperial India Pale Ale 
  ABV: 8.5%
  IBUs: 85
  Availability: Year Round
  Hops: Amarillo, Chinook, Simcoe, Magnum, & Centennial 
  Malts: American Two Row, Crystal, Munich
  12 oz. bottle
12 oz. can
6 pack cans
22 oz. bottle
15.5 Gallon Keg
1/6 Barrel 
  WHY is LARRY named LARRY?  It is asked all the is the answer.  
is an award winning beer.  2011 Great International Beer Competition - Gold medal in the Strong Beer, Imperial IPA category.
is an 8.5% alcohol by volume, 85 IBU, unfiltered Imperial India Pale Ale.
 was first brewed for the Publick House "Hop Head Throwdown" event to benefit MS in 2009.
was what we called and "unfinished beer" back in the WPI days.
was the name of founder Peter Quinn's (Quinny) truck when we had to drive the cheapest means of transportation we could find.
was a "Wachusett regular" back in the days of volunteer bottling in the 90's.  Larry was an officer for the Westminster Police Department whose life was take in the line of duty.  We will never forget you Larry.
is the first in the new "Larry Series" that we launched in 2016.  It's 2nd style is named "Larry Triple Double" in honor of the great Larry Bird.  #33
was put into a six pack of 12oz cans for the first time in Spring of 2016.
Whoever or whatever Larry is to you, thank you for bringing LARRY, the beer into your life.

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TM  Imperial IPA